Supporting Blue and Green Day 901 is simple.

On April 17, 2020, help us turn our city blue and green by doing any of the following:

● Light your building, fountain, office, workspace or home in blue and green. LED colored light bulbs are available at any Home Depot, Lowe’s or the Light Bulb Depot. (or use gel filters)
● Decorate your office and/or have a Blue & Green potluck
● Ask your employees, friends, family and church members to wear blue and green and post their photos to social media with the hashtag #BlueGreenDay901. And Upload your Photos into the Blue & Green Day 901 Photo Contest to win prizes!
● Download our Blue and Green Day social media frame from our Facebook page and upload to your Facebook profile picture
● Encourage everyone you know to visit our website and register to be an organ and tissue donor

Participating Has Benefits – Find Out More Below


• Businesses/Organizations/Hospitals

• Places of Worship

• Individuals

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